SWS provides financial education and hands-on engagement through our 10-week Seminar Series, Research Teams and our Virtual Investment Portfolio. The Seminar Series is taught by leading professionals in the financial services industry, covering topics including accounting, finance and investing.


SWS strives to grow our members personally and professionally by inviting industry professionals to lead our Seminar Series and mentor our Research Teams. Our members learn firsthand from professionals in the industry, gaining firsthand exposure and experience to leading women in finance.


SWS aims to foster a diverse and supportive community of women eager to learn about finance. In addition to our educational programming, we provide social events for our members to grow together, bonding and supporting one another throughout our paths at USC and beyond.

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Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Smart Woman Securities is a not-for-profit organization that thrives in part due to the immense amount of support we receive from our community. Special thanks to our sponsors for giving us the support we need to best fulfill our mission of teaching women about finance and investments. Interested in supporting SWS? Contact us here.

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